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May 04, 2009


If lotto scam spam counts as real lotto winnings, I've won 2.5 million pounds this morning!  YIPPEE!!!  So if you get an email from Ms. Cindy Howard (aka Mr. Kelvin Brown) at the free international lottery that apparently wants to remain anonymous or from Mr. Gerry White (aka Garry White) at the UK International Draw HQ, well then you're just SOL because I ALREADY WON BOTH LOTTERIES!  YIPPEE!!!  I've already sent them my replies so it's too late for you suckers!  I'm gonna be ritch!  And not just $3 million rich either.  I'm gonna use this lotto money to unlock my Nigerian inheritance.  That's where the big bucks are!  I just hope neither of those totally legit lotteries minds that I sent them both the same response...

This is too awesome!  WOW!  I won 2 different lotteries in 1 day, and I can't even remember the last time I bought a lottery ticket!  AWESOME!!! Now I can send off the $50k to unlock my Nigerian inheritance!  Woohoo!  I didn't even realize I was black until a couple of weeks ago.  There is one small problem.  I'm in the process of moving so I need you to send the cashier's check to my workplace.  My phone number, in case you need to call me, is 813-792-4079.  I look forward to receiving this totally legit cashier's check ASAP.
Mail to: 
Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement - Crime Lab
400 W. Robinson St.
Orlando, FL 32801