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December 09, 2009


Well it's 2:30 am, and we uploaded our first five videos hoping for them to come out and they're for some reason cued or something whatever that means.  It probably means that the one guy whose job it is to watch and encode ever video (that's how it works right?) is asleep so we have to wait til tomorrow to see our first set of awesome.. or crap as the case may be.

We came to this site for the funny you see, because after being sent so many videos from youtube that said "THIS IS SO CUTE IT WILL MAKE YOUR HEAD EXPLODE" my head finally did, so i did what any rational person would do and blew up some cute pets... well not really, we just put a crappy explosion effect over that video of the "Surprised Kitten" and bam... 7k views in a day... and they kicked us off.

SO.. we are now at Funny or Die, which i like very much.  maybe there is a sense of humor or two here that meshes with our own better than those idiots at youtube.  those stupid idiots that i hate.. boo... :) eat it.

and done,  welcome to
the future is none.