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October 04, 2008




An independent presidential candidate, said by opponents to be racist, chose an African-American as his running mate Friday.

Alabama resident Tom Rogers was selected after months of secretive deliberation by the Earl Jr. for President of the USA of America campaign.

“It is an honor to be selected by Earl,” said Rogers.  “I feel that I will bring more experience to the White House than Sarah Palin.”

He contends that his experience over seeing a landscaping crew prepares him more for the White House than Palin’s experience as Governor of Alaska.

“While she’s been up there [in Alaska] doing God knows what, I’ve been down here with the people of this wonderful country!” Rogers said. “I love this country more than she does.”

Earl Jr. feels that Rogers brings new life to a struggling campaign.

“This campaign has from day one been dedicated to diversity and representing the people of this country fairly,” Earl said.  “The addition of Tom to my campaign proves it, and now maybe you people will believe me.”

A spokesperson for the campaign said the addition of Rogers to the ticket will help secure target demographics.

  “This campaign may struggle but we will prevail.  This addition is exciting and will help Earl with groups that he has struggled with in the past, particularly the coveted self-hating black demographic,” the spokesperson said.

The campaign said to expect more announcements within the coming weeks.