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Published: May 15, 2013
Description: What is the deal with North Korea? I'm lookin' at you Kim Jong Un.

North Korea is straight up CRAZY!

What is the deal with North Korea? It seems like with every passing day, there’s a new outlandish story coming out about the ill lead country. Kim Jong Un plans to launch this, or attack that…but we all know that pudgy little idiot isn’t going to do anything. 


1. North Korea takes a look at ol South Korea, but then- Murica!


2. I see what you did there…



3. I eat it.


4. Kimmy Wee face



5. OH, Denny.



Just when you thought Dennis Rodeman couldn’t get more respectable, he confuses North Korea Leader Kim Jung Un with Jackie Chan. And just when you thought Kim Jung Un couldn’t get more disresp- no, he’s always sucked.


6. South Park meets North Korea