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October 19, 2015

The Mainframe was a huge star in the 90's and early 2000's. What's it up to day? FoD finds out.

From 1986 to 1999, you couldn’t see a film without seeing The Mainframe. The Mainframe was the star of hit films like Hackers, War Games and the entire Pierce Brosnan Bond franchise. Everywhere you looked, The Mainframe was there being hacked, reprogrammed and accessed by everyone from Winona Ryder to Matthew Broderick.

Then, just as suddenly as it appeared on the scene, The Mainframe seemed to disappear. Suddenly The Database, The Site and The Backend were being hacked and The Mainframe was out in Hollywood. In the early 2000s, The Mainframe went through a very public downward spiral, complete with nude photos and a trip to rehab in 2004. We caught up with The Mainframe at its sprawling estate in Sedona to see what it’s been up to for the past fifteen years.

FoD: The Mainframe, it’s so great to catch up with you.

Mainframe:1001000100100 011 111010010 1010010. 0101 010 00101 010100100. 1001001.

FoD: (Laughter) Tell me about it! Alright, anyway, The last time we saw you you were in Swordfish, begin hacked by Hugh Jackman. What have you been up to since then?

Mainframe: 000101001001000001010100. 0101001001 01010010010 01001001001. 01010010010101. 100101010101. 010101. 1110. 01010010101.

Goldeneye computer.jpg

The Mainframe with Alan Cumming in Goldeneye, 1995

FoD: That’s great, I’ll have to check out the album. Do you ever feel like your film career as The Mainframe makes it difficult for people to appreciate your music? Like they hear your music and they’re just waiting for you to be hacked?

Mainframe: 0000. 00000. 0000001. 0001?

FoD: No, I actually think that makes total sense. Good and bad. So do you ever resent the success of The Web? You guys really came up around the same time and it’s still making films. If you could choose, would you still be making films or doing what you’re doing now?

Mainframe: 00.

FoD: Sure, gotta keep looking ahead. Now, I have to ask you about the nude photo scandal. In 2003 it seemed like you really hit rock bottom. You were photographed leaving a Best Buy in downtown Manhattan with several wires exposed.

Mainframe: 10010010010. 01001001000000001010010010010010. 01001001. 10101. 101010. 1010101. (sniffle) 010011111111111. 111111.

FoD: I don’t think anyone had any idea it was that bad. The press was really hard on you.

Mainframe: 0101010010101. 10101010010101. 0100111111000011101001001001. 0101. 0101. 11111. 0100101. 010101010. 111111111. 0100100001? 111. 0.

FoD: I think that’s a great, healthy way of looking at it. So what’s next for The Mainframe?

Mainframe: 1010101010. 00. 00. 1101010100101001. 110. 10101. 1001010010000100010010101.

FoD: So we’ll be seeing you back on the small screen?

Mainframe: 1010010. 1000100101. 00000. 100101. 1010. 1001.

FoD: And that’s on VH1?

Mainframe: 01001.

FoD: That sounds awesome, I’ll definitely be watching! Best of luck, The Mainframe. And thanks for chatting.

Mainframe: Hey, thanks for having me.

FoD: What?

Mainframe: 10010100101.

FoD: Oh, anytime.