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August 09, 2010

I wanna take the comedy world by storm with my team by my side and i promise anyone who reads this the funniest shiit you have ever seen every single time... i will give you every funny,crazy,random idea i have in this ever ending random mind of mine... lol

get ready ppl cause its gonna be a show... and believe me youve never seen a team like mine... so get ready cause we're here to simply please and make ppl laugh... its a huge passion of mine to make ppl laugh and to make them feel good... thats why i decided to persue acting in the form of comdey... ik i can do it and ik i can entertain the world.... so thats why my team and i decided to put our minds together and make this shiit happen by ourselves.... well i dont have much to say NOW but i have plenty to say later... lol i will for sure put later storys lol funny ones believe me.... jajajaja it never stops i swear and its all storys about my life... and i will put blogs later on so you all can get to know the team and i and see what we're about... so peace and till the nxt time...