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May 30, 2009


Is there a ringing in my ears?Why no,ITS YOUR FRINKING CELL PHONE !!! Or your beeper,or your ipod or possibly a bluetooth,either way,TURN THE DAMN THING OFF.Holy crap,give me a break...I mean PLEASE give me a break.Its bad enough I have to listen to you grunt and groan sounding like your gonna pass a real brick in the next stall,oh no,I gotta listen to you talk to your turds too.I work in the same place as you,I know your not important.So the only reason I can think of to answer while pooping is an emergency.Nope its not....I can here your fucking answers.....I mean damn, they can get ahold of you 7 fucking ways,try this.Have them twitter your ass.and read it when your OFF THE POT.If your subordonates need that close of supervision that they cant make a decision without calling you in the head....FIRE THEM.... and get people that can.Manners and common courtsy is exactly whats called for.
P.S.Your bluetooth totally makes you look stupid Jean- LukĀ