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October 30, 2017

Some things are so strange you might miss them on your first binge watch

Congratulations, you’ve just binged an entire season of pure sci-fi 80s nostalgia. But in your maniacal rush to get through all nine episodes, you probably missed some stuff. So buckle up, the ride’s not over yet, here are the absolutely Strangerest Things from Stranger Things Season 2 (it goes without saying this article is filthy with spoilers):

1. Will Doesn’t Like Mr. Mom

mr. mom.jpg

We knew there was something wrong with Will when he came back from the Upside Down and started spitting weird slugs down the sink, but it was revealed just how fucked up he was when in the first episode he watched comedy classic Mr. Mom with his mom and her boyfriend completely stone-faced. We’re talking Michael Keaton at his comedic prime, trying to do mom things like change diapers and vacuum. What kind of messed up weirdo doesn’t get a kick out of that?

2. Dr. Owens Turns Off a TV Instead of Stopping the Tape

paul reiser.jpg

There’s a scene in episode 2 where new government spook Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser) is reviewing a secretly recorded appointment with Mr. Mom-hating shadowmonster-infected Will. Owen turns the TV monitor off halfway through but doesn’t stop the tape! When he tries to pick up where he left off the tape will be way past it! Considering how bad the last group of government stooges fucked up in season 1, this doesn’t bode well for their replacements.

3. Billy the New Kid

billy 1.jpg

Billy is new in town, he’s related to new girl Max somehow, and he’s got a great butt according to the ladies of Hawkins High. Most of all, he’s an asshole. But why? What’s this guy’s deal? Judging by the amount of time the show is focusing on him, I have a feeling this is going to be a mystery with a big pay off!

4. Bob and Joyce


By episode 3 it’s apparent that nobody likes Bob (Sean Astin). Sure, Joyce (Winona Ryder) is dating him, but she doesn’t really seem to enjoy his company or respect him. Everybody seems exasperated by his mere presence, only using him when they absolutely need his nerdy insight, otherwise ignoring him or telling him to shut up. In a way, he’s a perfect metaphor for his employer, Radio Shack.

5. Sheriff Hopper’s Plot Armor


Jim Hopper can’t die. Dude storms government buildings full of spies perfectly willing to murder people and wakes up unscathed in his home. He takes on beasts from other dimensions and doesn’t even get scratched. He should realistically die 17 times every episode, but he won’t because he’s the anti-authority authority figure we need. If you thought he was in an iota of danger when he got trapped in the monster hole in episode 5, congratulations, you’re a schmuck.

6. The Disappearance of Hopper’s Deputies


Sheriff Hopper’s deputies completely disappear after the first episode which is a bummer because they’re great. Maybe season three will reveal that Officer Calahan (John Reynolds) somehow wandered into the Upside Down and has just been carrying out his patrol duties unaware of his mistake.

7. Billy, Again

billy 2.jpg

Billy sure is menacing and mysterious and is a foil to Steve, but what is his deal? Now he’s got it out for Lucas since Lucas has been hanging out with Max, who is not(?) Billy’s sister. Surely something big will come of this!

8. Murray Bauman’s Obsession With Teens Boning


This season the Duffer brothers managed to create a human character more unsettling than any creature from the Upside Down in the form of conspiracy theorist and private investigator Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman). Jonathan and Nancy turn to Mr. Bauman in an attempt to blow the lid off the Hawkins Lab conspiracy and death of Barb, but Murray seems more interested in why these high school students aren’t sharing a bed. At his prodding they end up sleeping together and discovering their feelings for each other, so … mission accomplished, Murray?

9. The Punk Gang Thinks “Old MacDonald” is a Lullaby

punk gang.jpg

This season Eleven gets to have a fun little side adventure when she hooks up with a gang of outlaw punks, one of which has her own special mind powers. The truly strange thing occurs however, when one of the punks mocks another for so readily taking Eleven into their group and asks if she sang her a lullaby. They then all start singing “Old MacDonald had a farm,” as if that’s a lullaby. It was one of the most unsettling things about the entire season.

10. Still, Billy is the Strangerest Thing About the Entire Season


You could remove this guy from the season and it would change nothing. After all the build up and mystery surrounding him and Max, it turns out he’s just her asshole step-brother and he’s a bully because his dad is an abusive dick. He tries to beat up Lucas, he fights Steve, but in the end is easily dispatched by his own step-sister, resolving his role of being a minor speed bump in the finale. His weird inclusion in this season is befuddling and will leave viewers shaken, causing them to wake up in the middle of the night screaming, “Why!? What was the point of Billy!?”