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Published March 05, 2014

Wendy Freshner’s Summer Jobs Sketch #6


Job Title: Ice Cream Server at Frosty Fresh Ice Cream Parlor


Previously on Wendy Freshner’s Summer Jobs: Wendy works for Christina Quezno who is uptight and only works with finest ingredients. She has an strained relationship with her daughter.  




Wendy Freshner, the new ice cream server that just got done with her initiation.


Carmen Quezno: Wendy’s nineteen year old boss. She only hired Wendy to spite her Mother. 


Ramon: Carmen’s thirty eight year old boyfriend.


Scene opening:  


EXT: Frosty Fresh Ice Cream Parlor.


INT: Frosty Fresh Ice Cream Parlor’s serving station. 


Carmen Quezno is busy working with her customers, a young mother with her daughter. 



Thank you for coming to Frosty Freeze, now have a frosty day. 


The mother and daughter leave. Carmen sighs tiredly then puts back in her ear plugs and tuned up her iPhone MP3 player. She starts to dance to Carly Jepson’s ‘Call me Maybe’. In the background we hear loud pounding and yells.


(Off screen) Carmen! C-Carmen Q-Quezno let m-me out of h-here!


Carmen can not hear her; she is too busy dancing and singing to the song.



“Hey I just Met You And This Is Crazy. So Here My Number, So Call Me Maybe”


While Carmen is singing and dancing, Ramon struts in and sneaks up behind Carmen.



(Whispers seductively) Hey Babe.


Carmen spins and accidentally punches Ramon in the face. Ramon collapses. 



(Horrified) Oh, baby! I am so sorry I did not see you there.


Carmen jumps over the counter and rushes over to care for Ramon. Ramon and Carmen begin to make out.   


Oh Ramonrone I missed you so much.



I have been counting the minutes my Carmenbelle. 


Carmen and Ramon continue to make out until loud banging is heard.  Carmen sighs annoying and  goes off screen to let out a very cold Wendy Freshner from the walk in freezer.  Both Wendy and Carmen walk back onto the set. Wendy is shivering. 




(Fake Enthusiasm) Congratulations new Frozen Fresh employee you passed the initiation with flying colors. 




(Stuttering) I-I auto s-sue y-you for employee a-assault! 




Big fucking deal you were only in there for ten minutes.




T-twenty minutes.  You left me trapped in there. I could of died of hypothermia. 




  But you did not die in there. I would of not let my employee die. After what you did to my Mom was priceless! That is the reason I hired you.  




A-and this i-is the r-reason I-I quit!  I rather work for a s-snob rather than you. At least your Mom never shoved me in a freezer!


Wendy storms off. 




(Shrugs) I guess she was too hot headed for the job. 


Carmen and Ramon continue to make out. 

End of sketch.



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