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September 15, 2011

WNBA Playoff Preview

Its that time of year again. Time for the WNBA Playoffs, and the systematic destruction of every little girl’s favourite team on the road to crowning the 2011 champion. There can only be one, but unlike the movie Highlander, no one in this game is immortal as we will soon find out. The regular season is a long and arduous trial of wills that begins with roughly 10 regular season games and culminates with 3 best-of-three playoff series that will decide our new champion.

If you are not a regular fan of the WNBA you certainly are not alone.

So do not be intimidated, and please feast upon the top ten wnba plays of the year link
here. Once you are all caught up, please join me on the road to the WNBA Championship Trophy.

WNBA World Championship Golden Trophy

Eastern Conference
The hottest matchup in the East will be the Fever vs. the New York Liberty. When the Indiana Fever come to town, it can only mean one thing. No, you won’t magically understand NASCAR, but you may witness a horrific accident. The Indiana Fever are lead by the back-to-back-game-dunking phenom, Tamika Catching. Nobody knows why she only chose to dunk in two games, but if you take a closer look at the game clock, you will see it reads exactly 6:66 for each dunk.

 Reaction video

Tamika’s biggest competition will be The New York Liberty’s scoring sensation, Cappie Pondexter.

             dog look alike.jpg 
“Cappie”(finger quotation marks)

And here’s another picture of Cappie doing her “thing” for all the people at EASports in preparation for the groundbreaking debut of the highly anticipated video game WNBA2K12.
       “Don’t worry Cappie, we’ll give you a soul in editing”

The Fever will take the series in 2 games.

Western Conference
The most highly anticipated series in the West will be when the Seattle Storm meet the Phoenix Mercury. The Mercury are lead by the dynamic scoring of Diana Taurasi, and Penny Taylor. While Penny “PT Cruiser”(REAL NAME) Taylor is known around the league for driving the lane, she’s going to have her work cut out for her after suffering numerous back injuries this season. Also standing in Taylor’s way is the fact that Diana Taurasi hasn’t won 6 back-to-back scoring titles because she likes to pass the ball to Penny “PT CRUISER” Taylor.

                 It makes a lot of noise, but its the only vehicle that you can leave unlocked in NYC

In fact, after Taurasi got busted for taking steroids last January, people started doubting whether Taurasi would ever pass the ball again considering that she just equaled a scoring achievement that hasn’t been seen since Michael Jordan and has now decided that she should start working out more and being more active.

       Taurasi's before and after photos for her Colon Cleansing endorsements now seem                                                                                               suspicious.

If you’re a Seattle Storm fan, then you may question Taurasi’s sportsmanship, but the rest of us cannot wait to cash in on Taurasi’s rookie card.
                     dt player bio 2.jpg
                                          I suck. Last article ever./ 

The Mercury will take the series in 3 games.