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August 06, 2008


Wednesday the Sixth. And I am thinking of Anna Farris and Katherine McPhee in The House Bunny. I have no defense for this, only the simple shame that comes from submitting to ones baser instincts. Also, Anna is very funny in the previews.

Today I sprayed jalapeno juice right onto my eyeball. Not on purpose of course, it was a Philly Steak related incident, but it REALLY hurt. Like the whole left side of my head. In--- TENSE!

Just watched Paris Hiltons video reply to McCains celeb commercial and came away wholly impressed. I even joined this site just so I could post a comment about it! Of course, as a vigorous Obama supporter I will take any entertainment that comes my way at the expense of warmonger McCain. Such is my commitment to human life - I know, crazy talk isn't it???

I will close this, my first FOD blog, with a quote from the venerable Type O Negative:

"Base not your joy upon the deeds of others, for what is given can also be taken away."
-Pete Steele

AKA: Find your joy. Peace!