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July 04, 2008


well, actually the revolution has already started and i'm hoping that we'll have developed a better meduim to watch it on than youtube by the time it grows to where the 'revolutionaries' are the majority. but since i can't actually see the future i thought i'd use an example from the present.

either way the point remains the same. the revolution has already started, but we'll all be dead before it's done. much like the children of the civil war (and then their children after them) watched the automobile and the phone slowly change their culture and the children of the depression watched as television, movies, and radio change theirs. we are at the beginning of such a change. the way we use the internet to communicate and entertain now will seem as archaic to our great grandchildren as our grandparents stories about old television seem to us. more so, if you really think about it, since technology is advancing at a much faster rate than it did in the middle of last century. honestly, i'd be surprised if the word 'internet' will even be appropriate that far into the future.

i know these things don't seem like revolutions, but they are. a cultural revolution just takes longer because there's (usually) less bloodshed. if you force it, at best you get the 60's. great ideals, but poor followthrough on most of the issues. anyone who disagrees with me on that, i refer you to the decades of the 70's and 80's...you can't tell me that that's the future all those hippies had in mind when they set out to change the world. at worst you get a nasty, bloody revolt...and i don't even want to talk about that because i see that as one of our possible futures, but i'd like to ignore it. (happy thoughts...happy thoughts...bunnies, and kittens and babies and masturbating in the shower...happy thoughts...happy thoughts)

we are in the infantile stages of the technologies we have. the potential of the internet is that it can connect us all, for better or worse. anyone will be able to see anything that's happening anywhere. so, there will be no more secrets. and if there are no more secrets, what will become of lying? anyone will be able to connect with anyone anywhere at anytime...and in any capacity. if there are no more boundries, what happens to predjudice?

...and so on...

the shrinking of our world has always led to major cultural shifts and we're at the embryonic stage of the next one. but since we won't see the finish line (unless you're a 3 year old reading this) why should we even care?

because, that is how we can be part of the revolution. we plant the seeds now. the seeds of sacrificing for the furture. and not justĀ  for our children but our children's children's children's children's children's children. we plant seeds of tolerance towards everyone and everything except intolerance (and i mean everyone...because even the worst of us are still human). and since i don't want to sound like i'm looking forward to a 'flower-child' future, what i mean by 'tolerance of everything but intolerance' is just that. we should be able to tolerate all types of human behavior that does not directly infringe on another human's right to life. that means you can be as gay as you want, or own as many guns as you want or do whatever kinds of drugs you want or even be as racist as you want as long as you keep it on your side of the fence(you can't influence the inside of someone's home or head, but you can shape the way they deal with the rest of the world). yes, there would be a period of adjustment to deal with that kind of freedom, but people want to be happy and live comfortably. so, in the long run (and by long run i mean, at least 2 generations), they'd make the right choices, and, eventually, things like racism and drug ABUSE and homophobia would just slip into the shadows where they belong (since i'm not sooooooo idealistic that i'd believe we could get grid of those things entirely).

but mostly we begin the task of taking our eyes off the past as the means to finding our solutions. we can't do it, none of us. but we can start. at best, the past is just a how-not-to guide to buiding civilization. at worst, it can justify some truly horrific events. the future is where the future is and we won't get there by looking back and we won't get there by staring at our feet (figuratively speaking)...though sometimes we do, occasionally, have to look down to make sure we don't fall...and other times we have to just go go go and if we fall and something breaks, well, we learned something and that's good too. cause nothing works out exactly as planned and every revolution has some bumps in the road.

let's try and get this one off to a smooth start.