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May 04, 2017

India is a country with many culture and thus the variety of almost everything here is enormous. Same theory applies for Honeymoon resorts and here is a list os them.

Loha Garh Fort Resort

It does not matter where in the world you come from when looking to take your honeymoon to the grand Lohagarh Fort Resort. There are multilingual staffs working to meet all your needs and make the honeymoon experience very special. It is only 4.27 km from Jaipur and boasts high-class amenities that make guests want to extend their time. There is everything from a restaurant, spa, coffee shop, and wedding services to 30 individually decorated rooms where you can recluse for some privacy. This is one of my favorite honeymoon resorts where you will be pampered beyond expectation by the friendliest staff. Have a look at Lohagarh Fort Resort rooms and services on their website for more details.

Taj Hotel

It is among few five star honeymoon resorts right at the Gateway of India, boasting more than 500 rooms and 44 suites where guests can indulge in the pleasures India has to offer. Take your honeymoon to the Taj hotel to enjoy acclaimed service and even stand a chance to meet distinguished world personalities who also love the service. There are several luxury amenities to help while the time away, not to mention delicious cuisine served at your request. There are several spectacular views of the city below form the hotel and what a wonder it is to see all the lights shining as night sets in. View Taj Hotel Website.

Raj Palace Jaipur

If you want to add some mystic to your honeymoon, nothing would be better than Raj Palace Jaipur. It is the world heritage site where Royalty resided and now you can walk the corridors to share in the supremacy and power the great palace holds. There are boutiques, massage parlors, antique museums and safaris to give you a royal experience everyday of your intimate holiday. Art enthusiasts love the Raj palace for it is a masterpiece in itself. View Raj Palace Website.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Experience traditional Rajput hospitality at this palace characterized by beautiful balconies, open courtyards, gardens and comfortable rooms with great antique furniture. It is a family run hotel whose owners love to create the best honeymoon getaway for lovers. There are high-end amenities like Wi-Fi, Cable T.V, swimming pool and a restaurant serving different culinary delights to wow your palates. Customers never have to worry about power outages thanks to the backup system that works right on cue. There is also a great car rental and ticketing service for ultimate convenience. Guests are served by one of many experienced workers with friendly demeanor to make their memories most auspicious. The private balconies in most rooms go a long way in make you comfortable and relaxed when you do not want to mingle.