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August 20, 2011

Article featuring a new white rapper Twin-c Vanilla spilla who has a unique voice and style of rap that I have never seen before. He can be at both times hilariously inappropriate and tremendously entertaining. I crown him king of the Under BEloww Ground of rap!

I happened to be browsing the internet recently, and came across something very interesting. You see I'm a hard person to entertain and I very rarely give a new artist any credit, but I came across this whiteboy rapper who goes by the name Twin-c Vanilla Spilla and I was really shocked and impressed at the same time.  I was on Currentv.com in the underground music section and I happened to stumble across a video titled Twin-c Vanilla Spilla "Goin Ham Til Armagheddon" here's the link http://current.com/shows/current-music/soundboard/93312892_twin-c-goin-ham-til-armagehddon.htm I found the song to be quite catchy so I decided to search him on google and I was amazed to see that he had a library of songs that was completely fresh. The tracks I heard to me show alot of core strength and talent for a young rapper especially a young white rapper. This epic track titled TruthMIndFUCK ft. Immortal Technique topped the cake for me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whoqcJutgPg. A completely total huge mind fuck that is a must see, also very interesting track of his Osama Bin Laden Truth spill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGi3ubYUEcU. He has a theme of exposing truth in a very interesting way. His songs are downloadable at  http://djs-music.com/dj-songs/2377 and he's song thrilla true vanilla is funny as hell and a must download. I also came across his mixtape which had over 1500 downloads on thatcrack which was very impressive for a young completely new white rapper. The cover of his mixtape is just absolutely hilarous take a look for yourselves. The link to download the mixtape is http://thatcrack.com/mixtapes/twinc-vanilla-spilla-vanilla-spilla-hijak-hip-hop- thrilla/ He also is featured on pozeproductions 2011 mixtape http://www.pozeproductions.com/bus_poze_031.htm. The character in general that he has created is very unique, and it's funny to see a white kid from New jersey screaming at the top of his lungs exposing truth. It will be very interesting to see what future holds for this whiteboy rapper Twin-c vanilla spilla.  He is under management by Goldie Mack of Def Jam, the very same manager who upstarted the rapper we all know today as Nas. There is a lot of potential for this kid and I can't wait to see what the cover of his next mixtape looks like haha. That about sums it up for me on this lil sexi white boy hope yall take a second to hear him out because trust me you won't be disappointed. PCE