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September 16, 2010

A "simple" solution

During the summer of 10', Former President Bush was asked in an exclusive interview about the current economic hardships the country currently faces. One questioned posed to him was "How would you fix it"? His response...."Huh, we face tough times..tough decisions..tough..responsibilities. I mean asking me to fix the thing is kind of absurd...i'm retired. But since you came all the way out to my ranch i'll answer your question. First of all, the government has everyone fooled thinkin how rich our country is depends on how much gold we have.....WRONG!! I mean have you seen any gold dollar bills floating around...I haven't...which gets me to my next point...money is made from what? Paper....ya see were im goin with this....in order for us to become more wealthy...we just need to print more paper....we cut down more trees that equals more paper which in turn creates more money....and you can tell all these Al Gore tree lovin hippies they can take that to the bank....