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October 20, 2008


Was it strange that I thought the highlight of the SNL episode with Sarah Palin was the appearance by Mark Wahlberg? ("Say hi to your mother" cracks me up for some reason).

So I'm confused. Is the Republican candidate John McCain, Sarah Palin, or Joe the Plumber? At this point, does Paris Hilton look to be a more competetant leader than anything the GOP is throwing at us?

I'm dating a girl right now who is obsessed with the Twilight books. In those books, vampires don't drink blood (the good ones, at least) and they sparkle in the sunlight. I happen to like the Blade movies. The only time they sparkle is when Blade kills them and they turn to ash.

I still get IM messages from Becerra "chick", only this time she goes by Debbie Dream (or something like that). She's pretending that she's a chick who is in love with me, I pretend that I'm married. I think I scared her off when "my wife" asked "her" if she was "bi".

I began studying about Lesbians.
And to curb any impure thoughts, I mean the people of the island of Lesbos in Greece.
Apparently, they like to eat out. They love fish tacos and fuzzy clams. Oh, and they hate sausages. If your curious where it is, just look for the little man in the boat.