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February 06, 2010


Firstly, I want to point out to the haters out there that I DO, in fact, indent for paragraphs when I write my blogs. For some reason it just comes up all mashed together and I don't know why. So, get over it. Now, I have spent the better half of five hours cleaning my own room. It sounds ridiculous, but between taking care of Kelly, working four days a week, cleaning Kelly's room, doing laundry and keeping up with the kitchen and the bathroom, my room tends to lag behind in priority. I have a corner in my room that seems to amass the mail (opened and unopened), my scribblings, people'cards, I have so many random pieces of paper with phone numbers on them, half the time without a name ??? I think it's because I will copy a number off my call display, *69 and call it back if I don't know who it is, but...who knows?!?!? Anyway, I dug it all out, filled TWO trash bags and also filled two recycle grocery bags with books I'm going to donate. Vaccuumed. Dusted. Everything. I am exhausted. The problem now is that I did such a good job that the rest of my place looks like shit! And, I'm too tired to clean anymore! I have a staff meeting tonight, drinks with the pack after and then tomorrow is the SuperBowl, and since the only thing Nigel bought was some queer lime beer that I wouldn't drink even if I'd been licking sweaty bull testicles for five hours...I assume I'll be spending a large portion of my day tomorrow in line at the Beer Store to buy decent beer. Sigh. My room looks great though :) Just thought I'd share.