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September 13, 2010

I can not take credit for this one; heard it a long time ago...........

An American Businessman goes to Japan to complete a merger with a Japanese company.

The first few days of negotiation are a lil tricky so he is very tense. As he sits in his Hotel Room, he realizes that he needs to relieve some stress.

"Oh I know," he says! So he picks up a Japanese Yellow Pages and calls an Escort Service.

So he and his Hooker are going at it and she screams, "itchima, itchima!"

So the Businessman, excited he is doing a good job, keeps going.......

A few days later, the negotiations complete and the men all decide to celebrate with a round of golf. So the American Businessman tees it up on a Par-3. His tee-shot hits the green, takes 2 bounces and goes into the hole.

Excited about his first hole-in-one, he jumps around and yells "itchima, itchima!"

The Japanese guys all give him a strange look and one of them says........

"What do you mean.....wrong hole?"