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September 15, 2011

The GARMIN Nüvi 860 is a must have for all automotive travelers.  With an easy to read non-reflective 4.3-inch Widescreen Display and Hands Free Voice Command  it’s perfect for the business man on the road or the family traveling for the holidays!  I actually own one myself!

I once killed a man with a rented 2003 Toyota Avalon on a rural highway west of Knoxville, TN.  

I pulled over to the side of the highway immediately after the impact.  I took a long deep breath and then finished what was left of the Oban 14 year old Single Malt in the stainless steel hip flask and threw it deep into the woods.  

The flask was a gift from my father on my wedding day.  It was the only time I ever saw my father cry.

I was surprised to find the man alive, much less conscious, laying on his back perpendicular to the dotted yellow highway line.  He was a tall, thin African-American gentleman.  To guess I’d say he was about 34 years old.   The same age I was when my son David was born.  

I told him I was sorry.  I asked him his name.  His only response was like the guttural roar of a trapped bear, demanding for me to leave him there and let him die.  Those were the only words he said.  Repeating them over and over again, like the chorus of some pop song.  

“Let me die.”

“Let me die.”

“Let me die.” 

His face was covered in blood and the side of his head was bruised a bright lavender shade of purple.  The impact literally knocked him out of his pants.  

His shattered legs looked like two Oscar Meyer hotdogs that had been microwaved too long.  Plumped and burst from their casing.

Telling the 911 dispatch operator where the scene of the accident was was a piece-of-cake thanks to GARMIN’s new “Where Am I?” Locator System, which instantly told me my location, even down to the longitude and latitude.  

As I hung up the phone with the dispatcher via the integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology I felt a tug on the tails of my coat.  I turned around to find and young girl in a ballet costume misted with blood and wearing only one shoe.  I dropped to my knee, and wrapped my coat around her shoulders and I began to cry.  

She held my hand and asked me if her daddy was going to be okay.  Those were the only words she said.  Repeating them over and over again, like the chorus of some pop song.  

“Is my daddy going to be okay?”  

“Is my daddy going to be okay?”  

“Is my daddy going to be okay?” 

I lied and said “yes.”

No charges were filed against me as the police labeled it a suicide.  Seems he was holding the little girl, his daughter, in his arms when the accident happened.  He stepped in front of my car, purposely trying to kill them both.  An officer phoned me in my hotel room that night and informed me the man died from internal bleeding on the way to the hospital.  I never did learn his name and I don’t know what happened to to little girl.  To guess I’d say that she’d be the same age as my son David is now.  

I love you, David.