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March 25, 2017

MemoryTag Greeting Cards say more than any other cards and some are really freaked out.

I bet you’ve never received a greeting card from somebody that says “You wanna get naked?”

In that case I would have to buy a card and send it back that said, “Oh yes, a thousand times yes!”

MemoryTag Greeting Cards, the card company that made famous the digital interactive video greeting card, exploded what had been the boring ho-hummm world of sayings on cards. The kind of old-fashioned boring-statement card you’ve received in the past so often it might make you sick (not good if it’s a “Get Well” card).

I’m not knocking traditional sayings on cards like “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulations,” “Happy Mother’s Day,” you know… the usual sayings. They will continue to have their place.

What MemoryTag has done is to open a whole new repertoire of greeting cards that is nothing short of a revelation. MemoryTag realized that a greeting card could become a form of entertainment, make you laugh, tease you in a friendly way or for example give support and sympathy through the expressing of sarcasm about something unfair that happened to you.

You see it doesn’t have to be just something connected to a few particular days, your birthday, your retirement, your anniversary…..it could be so much more. When you think of the whole range of human emotions and experiences, the possibilities for unique greeting cards are almost endless.

Let’s take an abusive boss. We’ve all had one. This jerk doesn’t respect you or your fine work and comes and slams his fist down on your desk in front of other employees because he’s stupid and misunderstands a situation. You have to try and put up with him.

I send you a MemoryTag card that reads, “It’s a pig day.”

Or, “I thought a turkey was only for Thanksgiving.”

My expressed contempt for your boss has brightened your day.

You might send your boss one of our cards that reads, “Even Though You Are an Asshole….”

You may choose not to sign the card.

The best part is you can add your own video greeting to the card. You download with your smartphone our app and record a video greeting saying anything you want to say and place it on a small patch on the card. The person receiving the card also downloads the app, opens and reads the card and plays your video message…simple as that.

MemoryTag cards are weird, wild, and some are not of this world, to match your own peculiarities and eccentricities, the kind where your mother used to clutch at her heart and scream at you, “You’ll be the death of me!”

For example for a chronic lazy person:

You might send them a card with a cartoon of a sloth hanging from a tree branch that says, “Take it Slow.” This makes the lazy person receiving the card very happy. You’re complementing their inertia.

Or how about, “Your looks are catching up with your age.” This can be an insult or a compliment depending on your point of view. You might want to mail this one to someone aged 65 who looks twice that old.

Some of the cards leave it to your imagination what they mean, or leave you guessing, like “Always Gets More Wood” (with a picture of a tree trunk), or “A Clean Beaver” (shows a perplexed beaver).

MemoryTag has a special “Bundle Pack” of guaranteed mind-blasting thought-provoking weird greeting cards you can order for $20 (a $60 value), that’s $1 per card. https://memorytag.cards/collections/featured/products/weird-side-bundle.

One of my favorites is the card that reads “You’re bat shit crazy.” I could mail that one to one of my relatives or a member of the U.S.Congress.