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February 26, 2009


We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of things that will never be uttered about a Kia:

“Hey, you gotta come look at my new Kia. It’s awesome”

“Dude, your Kia is fucking awesome”

“Talk about Pussy-magnet”

“Good investment”

“Yeah, you probably didn’t need the warranty”

“I love Kias dude, great choice for a brand new car”

“You know, now that I have a family, safety has been on my mind – that’s why I got this Kia minivan”

“That’s what I told him, Porsches and BMWs are cool and all, but for my money, it’s Kia”

“My car doesn’t come from a country without a demilitarized zone that keeps the world in constant danger of a huge and bloody and possibly nuclear conflict”

“I could afford a lot more, but I really felt the Kia just fit my personality better”

We’re open to all sorts of new suggestions, just put them in the comments below and we’ll add as time goes on.