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February 16, 2018

Hey Aussie millennials out there! Here are a list of things that will bring you a rush of nostalgia from your childhood: 1. Toasted TV! Remember back in the day (early 2000's) when you were getting ready for school with the television on, eating your bowl of cereal, watching toasted tv? Man, they broadcasted most popular catoons; Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece, Bakugan. These television shows are all a part of our past now, it makes me nostalgic just thinking about it! 2. You were excited to go to school to have fun before the bell rang. Waking up early for school is a thing of the past, but don't you remember getting to school before the bell rang and playing tiggy or downball with your mates? Fun times 3. Heads down thumbs up was the best part of class. Remember when the teacher would randomly surprise the class with a game of Heads Down Thumbs Up? We were so giddy and worked up about who was going to be tagged. 4. Fags. Remember those little white candy sticks called fags? We pretended to be grown ups smoking cigarettes every day with those little lollies. 5. Beanie Kids. Were you a true Aussie child if you didn't have your very own collection of Beanie Kids, each with their own names and characteristics? Sure didn't make our parent's wallets happy.

Aussie Millennials Out There?