John Candy Back From the Dead and Running for President!

John Candy for President 2012 John Candy is back!   One day after actor Rosanne  Barr announced she is running for President as a Green Party candidate, beloved actor now turned politician, John Candy,  returned from the grave ready to take his spot as the newest potential GOP nominee.  "I'm madder than hell and ready to kick some tail,"  Candy told reporters early Friday morning.  When asked how he came back from the dead, Candy denied such actions and stated that any previous evidence indicating his death were merely  "taken out of context."
“I don't like Rosanne,” Candy said Thursday in an interview aired on KNDY, a CMN affiliate in Las Vegas. “When you do I as many movies and interviews as I have done, you hate to see other actors get it wrong.  I'm going to take her down.” 
Specifically, the Candy administration will award $166 million in grant money to communities that show a preference for Candy for President, leading many to believe in additional possibilities of bribery.  Senator Hatch from Utah states: "I don't see how this could possibly fail".