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Published November 16, 2010

The UK Department of Health has invited McDonald’s, KFC, PepsiCo, Mars and more purveyors of processed crap to co-author a health policy for tackling obesity and other diet-related maladies.  I guess you might as well go straight to the source.

From Guardian.co.uk:

Professor Lindsey Davies, Faculty of Public Health president, said: “We are hopeful that engaging with the food industry will lead to changes in the quality and healthiness of the products we and our children eat.”

Unless they’re rounding up all of these companies into the same building then demolishing it, this isn’t improving public health.  Less special sauce on your Big Mac ain’t gonna help you bathe without assistance, my fat friend.

But maybe I’m wrong (I’m not) and this will be a huge breakthrough in corporate responsibility.  Countries, in awe of the UK’s wisdom, will tackle their own social issues in a similar manner.   I can see the headlines now:

Dec. 15: U.S. Government Officials to Meet Mexican Drug Lords to Author Drug Prevention Policy.

Dec. 16: Drug Prevention Policy Authored; U.S. Government Officials Murdered.  Not In That Order.

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