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Published July 31, 2010
FINAL UPDATE? Okay FOD, how about a compromise?  First, to approach your reasoning, that 'white text on a black background is hard to read for some people', we can solve that.  Gradient from the outer edges of the body black to grey.  Any text can be black with light grey background, just like your have the bottom doc with the newsfeed and inbox.  Proper pupil dilation actually makes us happier all by itself.  Why restrict this natural state AND expect us to stick around?  (some will hear 'shtick' around)Congratulations, you've managed to eliminate some of what made your site tops in the kingdom.  (AGAIN, IRRELEVANT UNLESS WE DON'T GET OUR OWN COMMENT HISTORY BACK and Arranging capabilities...)  SINCE WE DO INDEED HAVE CUSTOMIZATION THIS IS NOW BASICALLY MOOT: We were enjoying the unofficial agreement:  We got advanced profile design capabilities in order to carve some individuality and in exchange we endured billions of banner ads.  By eliminating this and creating a THX1138 look-alike site you went from cool to average in less than ten minutes.   Even in this frame from THX1138 you get some relief with dark grey sidebars. It feels like YouTwitFace or something worse.  Definitely south of cheese.   Way to go.  You're my heroes.  Congratulations.PLEASE DITCH THE 'LIBS' This site was created by creative artists in the film industry.keyword is FILM here.  We gotta narrow it down a bit.  Understand the momentum we're tracing here from Facebook as the new email and funnyordie primarily a place for videos that attempt humor.  Specialization is the whole point here.  Trying to become the next hub for everything only dilutes the experience originally intended. Word games and guest twitterers belong on twitter.  Letting that birdroost here and lay pale unfertilized eggs is abhorrent.  (if abhorrent is too abstract try unnecessary) NOW my old catchphrase gets to dig in a bit more...JUST ANOTHER FUCKING OBSERVER OF THE ORWELLIAN NIGHTMARE.JAFO1984WHAT ABOUT ARRANGING OUR UPLOADS?ALSO WTF IS UP WITH CAP CON?  UPDATE:  PLEASE GO AHEAD AND JUST HIRE WESTSIDESLANT TO DO THE BEST CAPTION CONTEST.   Did you forget your own memo?  Black is Beautiful. THERE IS ONE CONSOLATION:  SHARK WEEK STARTS TONIGHTUPDATE:YOU TOOK AWAY THE NOVELTY OF THE 'MOST' BADGES.  I can only imagine that some B-Celebs were becoming incensed that some users had more 'fans' than they did.  Perhaps this was one of the main catalysts for their abrupt dismissal.  Three years of good humping and it's gone...  Taking away that novelty was another nail in the coffin of average.  A TRULY GREAT SITE, LIKE I KNOW YOU ARE STILL CAPABLE OF CREATING, REQUIRES TWEAKING HERE AND THERE AFTER RELAUNCH.  PLEASE CONSIDER THE TIME INVESTED BY THOSE THAT HAVE FOUND COMMUNITY UNLIKE ANYWHERE ELSE.  KEY WORDS:  UNLIKE ANYWHERE ELSE.  REMEMBER THE IMPORTANCE OF THOSE WORDS. IT LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE CURRENT.COM NOW... NOTHING AGAINST CURRENT.COM, BUT YOU CAN SENSE THE STANDARDIZATION.  IT SMELLS LIKE BURNING FEATHERS.  AND P.S. WHY NOT JUST LET WESTSIDESLANT RUN THE OFFICIAL CAPCON  FOR A WEEK FROM HOME AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS?  I THINK EVERYONE IS IN AGREEMENT THAT HE'S GOT THE EXPERIENCE.  JUST DO IT.  IN HINDSIGHT,  I should have waited to complain.  It was either take the site offline for 4 days or add the features back by piecemeal.  I should have realized this, but any wasted opportunity to complain has yet to escape me apparently.CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW FOR A SHORT ZEN MOMENT: