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OK so you want to open up your 3rd eye so you can see true life as we all do, an am here to give you a few tips on ways to help you open that son b*tch up for good you all. Well as soon as you open your eye get up and meditate by humming om in a meditation mode to clear your mind for a half hour. Then get stoned on some weed then get cleaned up and now your ready for some church on t.v or if your a reader your ready to read what religious book you feel like so you can get in touch with god words. Am remember we all are infinity unique human beings that are one in the infinite source ( aka Harakrishna or what ever you want to call God ) An all religions transcend each other and remember we are all in this together forever and always my friends. Keep your eye open you all. An lets keep making the world a better place my peeps.

Much Love !


Love DA Bullfrog

Stay +


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