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September 05, 2012

Invisible Osama Bin Laden makes his non-presence known at the D.N.C.

I have a strong suspicion based on a basic understanding of Politics and human nature that one of the most important attendees at the D.N.C will be someone who isn’t really there. Although I don’t think that anyone will attempt a repeat of the Clint Eastwood talking to a chair debacle (I’m sure someone will mention it and probably take a cheap shot at it) I do think that Osama Bin Laden’s name will come up more than once. I don’t really have a problem with it happening as long as the men who were responsible for ending his life are given the credit they deserve. Politicians in both parties are notorious for taking credit for the actions of others. The President has made it a point to acknowledge Seal Team Six as I’m sure he will again. Then again it’s a three day Political Infomercial so anything can and will happen.  Let the Games Begin!!