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June 29, 2009


I will precede what I am going to write by first stating that I make no claim myself to be slightly amusing or roll in the aisles humorous so this is not about me it is just an opinion. It continues to absolutely astound me some of the caps that are voted Funny on the main Cap page and get alot of votes. A large majority are not in the slightest mirth-making. Don't get me wrong there are some genuine consistent contenders a large portion i have subscribed too. Their caps have outrightly made me laugh even hours after typing and I love the cleverness of them and the thinking behind them.These people know who they are and I thank you for it. Those that really aren't amusing or clever how do you do it? What is your secret? It could be just me not finding a vast amount of American humour funny which let's be honest quite a lot isn't although there is exceptions of course. I guess what I am saying  (and I believe I'm smart enough and well-travelled and wordly enough to say this) is I personally cannot understand the voting why?who? how?
As I said they're are some great caps on here and they deserve their props they're is also some lame crap and they don't....Any thoughts....or Pogue Mahone.....