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August 27, 2011

A article for women who gets upsets when some men refuse to give them oral sex. I am here to give you a few reason's why he might refuse to eat ya box.

Ladies please do not get upset with me about this article. If you do then I am pretty sure the article is about you! Lol.

    It's not him it's you!

One thing I hate that females complain about is that their man does not eat the box, pussy, kitty kat, coochie or whatever women call their woman parts. If he doesn't want to eat ya box. I'm going to give you some reasons why he won't eat the box.

    You got Gorilla Pussy Syndrome. The definition of Gorilla Pussy Syndrome is where your pubic hair is long, thick, and full its coming out of ya panties. Ladies if you want a man to eat ya box then please shave, wax, or get ya kitty laser. No man want to choke on hair ball of gorilla pussy. It's not cute. Can you imagine going to the emergency room and having to explain to the doctor's that your boyfriend or husband almost died because he was choking on ya gorilla pussy? Didn't Think so. You can pick up some shaving cream, Nair, and razors at your local drugstores and grocery stores.  Get rid of the Gorilla pussy and you will get ya box licked good.

Toxic Waste Smelling Coochie.
When ya pussy smells like you been rolling around in a sewage. Then my dear friend you have toxic waste pussy. When ya pussy smells like you been soaking in a bath tub full of tuna juice. You have toxic waste smelling pussy. When you open ya legs for him to enter inside you and it smells like the kitchen at Long John Silver's . Sorry boo boo you have what I called toxic waste smelling coochie! Do not get mad when his ass puts his head down there and to lick and jumps up running for the hills.
    Another reason why he probably won't lick ya box. If he found out you smash the homies, family members, or your local crackheads. He may also to lick ya box if he found out that you had sex Flava Flav, Charlie Sheen, or anyone that was inside Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, anyone of the Basketball Wives, and my favorite lay it low and spread 'em wide fire crotch Rihanna! That maybe another reason why he refuse to eat ya box.
You may suffer from desert pussy also known as Arizona pussy, brillo pad pussy. That maybe another reason why he doesn't want to eat ya pussy. He's afraid he'll cut his tongue and might bleed half near to death because ya pussy is rough and dry.
    Fire crotch pussy, we all know what fire crotch pussy is. If you do not then I will be glad to tell you. Fire crotch pussy is when your lady pleasure parts are burning up like burgers on a grill. Fire crotch is when ya pussy has a welcome sign warning ya boyfriends tongue that you have herpes by showing him the beautiful white puss  bumps on ya vajay jay. lol That is fire crotch pussy. Do you really believe a man wants to lick herpes clit? Didn't think so.

So ladies if  you want to ya man to go downtown, lick the magic clit or whateva you want to call it. Make sure you do not have any of these problems and that you have nice clean healthy vagina!