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July 08, 2010


People are always looking for contractors who are reliable and trustworthy. The first thing you need to do, before contractor leads can be successfully generated, is to get your site established online. Most people search for a service or product by simply plugging in specific keywords into one of the many search engines on the internet.

This search will bring up a variety of listings, but not all the local ones available in your immediate area. Many contractors do not have the right site structure and landing pages to get found by the major search engines, which leaves them at the bottom of the list when their product or service is placed into a search engine. A great new way to get your webpage high on the list and generate contractor leads is by using social media. Social media offers a controllable way to get back links to your site, making it appear to be better ranked that competitors by search engines.

Using social media, which is based on web 2.0 communities and applications that allow interaction and sharing in a social manner, enables users to interact more with others sharing the same micro community. These sites actually enable people to pass on information quickly to others. The 2.0 websites find information by searching for a keyword and then connects information together.

These types of sites are usually a collaborative work and are categorized by tags provided by many users within the system. Social media is so popular that it is often used by small and large businesses alike. Customers aren't only able to find information on contractors by this type of media, but they are also able to talk to one another about a particular contractor and what they have to offer.

Creating authority for the business is best done with the help of social media. This is also a great form of advertising, since word of mouth doesn't cost anything and these social media sites are often free as well. Generating contractor leads with the help of many web 2.0 sites can get leads out quickly and in a cost efficient manner.