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Powers Play with Coach Powers Arbuckle:College Football Week 4


Hello, Gentlemen, Coach Powers Arbuckle here. Last weekend we crawled past the finish line to a 1-2 (2-2 if you took the “Just for Fun” bet) record but still stand strong at 6-3 on the season. Everyone’s week one darling, Georgia, reaffirmed an age old lesson: never trust a guy named Bobo. And that defense? It looked like they were playing “freeze tag” and “the white lines are lava” simultaneously. Todd Gurley was so underused that he had enough energy to jog 165 miles back to Athens from Columbia. Visors off to the Ole Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier, and South Carolina on reclaiming their spot atop the “most talented but ultimately disappointing team” poll this season. UCLA squeaked one out against a Charlie Strong Texas team that could only get a win if Apple unknowingly uploaded it to their iPhones. Brett Hundley left with an injury but I’m not sure that’s a huge loss. It’s possible he’s shaving points, I haven’t seen more indecisive quarterback play since Paul Crew led the Mean Machine against the Guards in 1974 Classic, “The Longest Yard” (The version with Burt Reynolds of course). Welcome to the Golden Age of Jerry “Sunshine” Neuheisel (Yes, “Sunshine” is a nickname I made up for him). Week 3 reminded us of something we already knew: Bob Stoops HATES the SEC. I’m confident that Oklahoma let Tennessee hang around the point spread for most of the game just to see how fogged up they could get Paul Feinbaum’s coke bottle spectacles. Last we have USC. As we predicted, Boston College showed us that they are committed to a ground and pound Big 10 style of football and exposed the Trojans’ severe lack of depth. Fortunately for SC, they are still in strong contention for the PAC 12 South and undoubtedly have one of the hottest female student bodies in the western hemisphere.


Welcome to the world of the Starting Quarterback, Jerry Neuheisel!


We’re just about to dive into full on conference play which puts us at right about 3rd base or “just the tip”. However, this week’s POWERS PLAY takes us to the Steel City, Pittsburgh, where the Iowa Hawkeyes are in town to face off against the Pitt Panthers (-7). Iowa lost last week to in-state rival Iowas State in a nail bitter and Pitt struggled early against one of those South Florida teams that’s not Miami. This is Iowa’s first road game and first game against a team expected to finish over .500. This is Pitt’s home opener and will have their way with the Iowa defense. They’ll pass it, they’ll run it, they’ll eat some Primanti Brothers subs at halftime and come out and do it again. Pitt (-7) is this week’s Powers Play!


We’ve seen Virginia go toe-to-toe with UCLA then beat Louisville at home. The Wahoos have left last years shart of a season in the crop dust and seem to have found a lunch pail, gritty identity. They travel to Provo this weekend to face a really good BYU team. I expect the Cougars to win on the shoulders (or legs) of quarterback Taysom Hill but Mike London’s Cavaliers will cover the 14 point spread. Virginia (+14). I said in Week 1 that ECU might be the best team in the state of North Carolina. This week UNC travels to Greenville to take on a Pirates team coming off of a HUGE win over Virginia Tech. The Tar Heels are a 2 point underdog to ECU who beat them silly last year (55-21) in Chapel Hill. If this were a basketball game, I’d take UNC. But it’s not. Lay the points and take ECU (-2). Look for Shane Carden to continue throwing dimes at QB and the defensive line to cause more problems than a four way stop in Korea Town.


- PITT (-7) vs. Iowa
- Virginia (+14) at BYU
- ECU (-2) vs. UNC


The Florida Gators travel to Tuscaloosa to take on a top 5 Alabama team who open as a 14.5 point favorite. Florida narrowly escaped losing last week. At HOME. To Kentucky (the Football Team). Is there anyone in college football you would want to play for less than Will Muschamp? I’d rather play for Jafar from Aladdin before that guy. Florida was easily one of the most overrated media darlings this preseason but they do have some play makers on defense. Alabama has been impressive at times but they’ve still got some question marks on Offense. Lane Kiffin has finally figured out a way to get their best offensive player, Amari Cooper, more involved which is a good sign. Alabama wins this game (Nick Saban > Will Muschamp) but I wouldn’t be surprised if Florida creeps back into this game for a late cover. Keep an eye on the match-up of future NFL'ers Amari Cooper and Vernon Hargreaves lll. If you must bet this game, take the points or hope that the line drops leading up to kickoff and roll the dice on the Tide.


Nebraska (-7) vs. Miami. Al Golden’s rag tag group of misfit toys plays just like that. I don’t doubt that Miami has some talent on their roster but the best play they’ve made all year is NOT biting on a fake punt last week where an Arkansas State player faked his own death during the play. Bo Pelini has been on the hot seat since he took over and the Cornhuskers have been shakey at times as well. Although, they did blow out Fresno State last week in Fresno.Ameer Abdullah should put on quite the display for the Lincoln faithful and I expect the Black Shirts to rough up the Miami offense in front of one of the biggest crowds Miami will see all year. Nebraska (-7). If you still haven’t had your fill, lay the points and take Oregon (-24) vs Washington State. Oregon didn’t cover last week and the public seems to like the Cougars…because clearly no one has stayed up to watch their games. Besides, who doesn’t like watching Oregon? Especially since it’s the last game of the night.

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