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December 05, 2017

These are my ideas for future games played on the Tonight Show.

Fallon Games

Game Ideas by: Kelly Brotman

Email Address: Kellybrotman@gmail.com

Date: 12/05/2017

Building forts- Jimmy and the guest must race in a competition to see who can make the best fort. Judges will be children. Winner gets to break down the loser’s fort.

Making beds- fastest person ho can make up the bed in the least amount of time wins.

Frosting Christmas cookies under five minutes or less.

Trying to figure out Children’s programs theme song. Can either be with guests who have kids or young adult guests.

Wheel barrel race- Jimmy and Questlove with guests take turns in a wheel barrel race around the building back to the studio

Leaf Blower challenge- Jimmy and guest compete in leaf blower hockey to see how many balls get in each other goal.

Coconut Bowling- Jimmy and guest bowl with coconuts and empty milk cartons

Emoji Twister- Jimmy and his guest play Emoji version of Twister.

Popcorn Machine Mayhem- Jimmy and a guest try to capture big popcorn in a giant sized popcorn container. Whoever gets the most popcorn wins.

Guess the Comic Strip character- Guests will have guess which cartoon strip character it is.

Guess the snack combo- Jimmy and the guest will be blind folded and will each have guess which snack combination they are eating.

Fishing for tweets- Jimmy and guest go fishing in the studio for random tweets that they have send out of.

Face Masks- Jimmy and Guest go through entire interview with face masks on.

Gift Wrapping contest- Jimmy and guest have a gift wrapping contest. Whoever wraps the most packages wins, the gifts will go to Children’s Hospital.

Christmas Tree cutting contest- Jimmy and guest will have to race against the clock to see who can cut and decorate a Christmas tree before time runs out. Since getting a live pine tree is next to impossible this time of the year, they have to set up fake Christmas trees.

Giant Hanukkah Menorah lighting contest- Jimmy and Guest will have to climb a latter to light their individuals candles off the menorah. Whoever gets them all lighten under 8 minutes wins.

Grape Stomping competition Jimmy and guest will be in stomping grapes. Whoever gets the most juice wins and the loser will rink the winner’s juice amount.

Snap Chap Challenge- Jimmy and Guest will have to Snapchap for about 5 minutes- Snap-chatting with the audience, with the Roots, the director, producer, whoever gets the most chats wins.

Snow Man making contest- Jimmy and guest will have about five minutes to make different kinds of Snow Man out of feathers different kind of objects- Stabler for the nose for example. Whoever comes ups with the most creative snow man or woman wins.

Holiday Meal Extreme leftover challenge- Guest celebrity chef will have to be creative with leftover meal. guests of th show with Jimmy and Questlove will have to guess what ingredients were used in the item.

Popular Holiday Music MadLibs- Jimmy nd guest have to sing holiday songs- with different words

Star Wars versus Star Trek quiz- Jimmy and a guest will quiz each other on the tv show and Star Wars. They will have to guess which quote from which genre.

Guts inspired Chores- Jimmy and Guest will have to race through series of chores that will be enhanced. They have to do the chores in ten minutes or less. First thing hey have to do get clothes out of the washer. There will be three washers, one will be the phony washer that is filled with joke snakes. The other one will be have a flag. The person who has the flag will go off to do yard work on the motor power mowers, whoever gets to the end of the hall wins.

Smelling quiz- Jimmy and guest will be blind folded and have to guess smells to each item.

Carnival Games- Jimmy and guest will shoot water pistols at this two images of Donald Trump whoever makes Trump’s hair explode wins.

Frosting Christmas Cookies contest- Jimmy and Guest will have about 10 minutes to frost cookies, whoever frosts the most cookies wins.

Turkey Baster’s paint off- Jimmy and guest use turkey basters to suck up paint from barrels and try to paint each other. Whoever gets the most paint on them looses.

Snow Ball Fight- Jimmy and guest toss huge cotton balls at each other. Whoever get hit with the most cotton balls looses.

The Santa Elf Challenge- Higgins will be playing Santa and the golden retriever puppies will be the reindeer. Jimmy and Guest will be dressed as Santa’s elves. Whoever can get the most ‘Christmas presents’ into he sleigh wins.

Giant dreidel Game-Jimmy and guest will each take turns spinning man sized dreidels. Whoever gets the most giant chocolate coins wins.