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November 01, 2008


Where did they dig up this asshole who looks like Bruce Willis and Micheal Chiklis from the Shield had a lovechild together? Fuck Joe The Plumber whose not even a real licensed plumber.They should call him Joe The Shithead but that would be rude.What about Sak The Disabled Dishwasher? Sak would think about buying a home if he ever made enough money.DO you know how much a plumber makes on just an estimate? I hope that after the election if Palin and McCain don't make a coup Joe the Plumber can go back to jerking off to Sarah Palin or sucking Cindy McCain's dick.Maybe,When John McCain kicks the bucket and Sarah Palin becomes President: Joe can become Joe The Vice-President.Will somebody let me suck on a double-barrelled shotgun right now so I can die the innocence?