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Published: November 25, 2013
Description: JLA meets DWTS

There are a lot of rumors circulating the internet about who will play Justice League members in DC's upcoming flagship franchise. If the suits at Warner Bros. listen to me, they'll give the fanboys (and girls) what they want; an epic cast for an epic series.

1. Derek Hough as Flash / Barry Allen.


If you don't think Derek can pull off the roll of the Scarlet Speedster, then you obviously haven't seen him smoking up the dance floor this season with Glee's Amber Riley!

2. Tony Dovolani as Green Lantern / Kyle Rayner


This guy just exudes In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight all over the the ball room when he Sambas with Wynonna in season 16.

3. Sharna Burgess as Wonder Woman


Sharna is the Amazonian Princess. 'Nuff said. Just ask Andy Dick.

4. Len Goodman as Anti-Monitor


Len Goodman? Maybe I meant to say John Goodman.  Oh well, Len has proved that he can be a destroyer of Universes when he hated on Corbin Bleu's Game of Throne's inspired Viennese Wlatz.

5. Tristan MacManus as Aquaman


As commander of the 7 seas, Aquaman is a powerhouse.  Just watch how Tristan turns old mackeral Valerie Harper into a sexy baracuda. 

6. Kym Johnson as Black Cannary


We know that she can pull off the look and toughness thanks to this amazing number with David Hasselhoff.

7. Zooey Deshenel as Zatanna