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September 02, 2010

The date was 9.02.10. How'd we celebrate? With James Eckhouse...in GIF form.

UPDATE:  It's no longer 90210 day. Not that it matters. James Eckhouse is timeless.

Check your calendars, everyone. It's 90210 day! Yup. It's 9/02/10, which obviously means it's time for Donna Martin to graduate.

It also means it's time to celebrate this glorious day with GIFs. Here's one I made of the show's real star, James Eckhouse. Oh, sorry, you may know him by his more common name:  Jim "Motherfucking" Walsh. Turn to the camera, smile, aaaaand shrug:

And here's another. I didn't make this one (it's from an awesome site aptly titled 90210 GIFs), but it's pretty great.

Oh man. Brandon's so pissed that his sister and Dylan are making out. I think. The look is almost "I'm jealous of one of you, but both answers will make me question myself and my belief system. I better talk to Jim Walsh." Then Jim Walsh would've been all: