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September 08, 2008


I'm a slacker and oh so proud of it!  Well, no, not really because I felt guilty, so must now write new bloggage for anyone silly enough to fall upon my page today.  I hope you don't fall in the catbox...I haven't cleaned it yet.

That old...well dead, Roman-y Seneca once said, "Many things have fallen, only to rise higher."  Wow...let's pause and enjoy that...  And you know, it's really true, as due to an elastic band mishap, my panties fell earlier...only to rise much more unwantedly higher into an atomic wedgie - and yes, somehow I did that to myself.

It is also blessedly National Date Nut Bread Day!  Hooray!  I like dates and nuts...but I usually just end up with nutty dates.

:-) Signing off, 'tis me, silly grinnin MPG...with scar of wedgie