By now you’ve seen the nude selfie that Kim K snapped over a year ago but posted on her Instagram yesterday. It features, as you may guess, a totally nekkid, blonde Kim, and a new Kimoji, the black bar.

As you can imagine when a woman does something on the internet, the internet freaks out. There were many positive responses to the n00d, but of course, there were haters, the loudest of which is was Piers Morgan who wrote an article about how Kim shouldn’t post nudes.

Question: If a woman flaunts her sexuality and Piers Morgan doesn’t publicly shame it, is she allowed to ever cum again?

Here is Morgan’s shortform response before he burrowed into his own butthole to pen a full editorial retort of Kim’s body.

Kim politely turned down his sugar daddy offer.

Then there is Bette Midler who according to her Twitter bio is “In bed, recovering from the horrors of the primary” and apparently with a wealth of time to put down Kim.

Kim must’ve known she was in bed, and shot back with this.

And lastly, there’s poor Chloe Moretz, who made a good point that girls are worth more than their bodies, but felt she could only make that point by shaming Kim’s. She wrote in a now-deleted tweet, ““I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than … just their bodies.”

You better believe Kim had more to offer, specifically she had this shady as fuh response.

At the end of this shade storm, Kim and her garment-less body were kept warm by her outrageous amount of income she brings in as a businesswoman.

Happy International Women’s Day to us all.