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September 22, 2008


Hey Everyone,

Just me again.  I watch a few movies in the past week. Ones that you may never think of watching but I thought were really well done! Here is what I thought of them...

1) Son of Rambow

Yes Rambow is spelled correctly.  This is a very cool and funny little Indy film about a dorky litte kid and a bully.  Dorky kid is one weird little dude. Bully is one serious little badass.  Dorky kid is obsessed with the movie Rambo First Blood ( who isn't!!!) and the Bully kid is a movie maker.  They end up hanging out and trying to make their own version of Rambo.  Its actually really funny at times!  Its also a bit of a drama.  This one is family friendly and I would highly recommend it instead of renting half the crap on the walls these days (Scorpion King 2). This movie is worth your $6 and you may even watch it twice. 

Rating 8/10 ( I really liked it, and I love to hate movies!)

2) Doomsday

Well, Doomsday might make you puke a few times so dont eat before watching it.  This movie actually seems more like a video game.  Blahh Blahh a virus hits and everyone gets all bubbly faced and mutatnt looking.  Time to find the cure... The chick in it is pretty hot (even with her weirdy eye) but a little too tough. Do you remember in LOST when that Michelle Rodriguez chick (or dude, the jury is still out) was acting so tough all the time and you just wanted to punch youself in the pisser to avoid watching her/him for one more second? Well, not quite that bad but close. Doomsday is a fast paced VERY BLOODY AND GORY slasher flick with a Mad Max kinda feel to it.  Good one to rent when the wives are out guys. (one Boobie sceen as well) Worth the $6 for sure.

Rating 7.5 / 10

3)Pineapple Express

Ok, this movie almost gave me a 6 pack i was laughing so hard.  (kidding, i still look like shit with my shirt off) This is another Seth Rogen Movie (the chubby funny cop from Super bad). This movie is simply about 2 drug smokers that steal some druglords weed.  The whole movie they are on the run and it actually turns into a serious action flick as well! The fight sceens are Bonkers (still trying to bring this word back, its not going well) and Mad TV's Bobby lee even makes an appearence!  The sceen on the trailer when he gets his foot stuck in the windsheid, I was fighting a pee trickle....very funny! Great movie to go see if it is still in the Theaters in your area.  Probably one of the funniest movies I have seen all year.

Rating 8.5 / 10

4) 88

This is my Review......... Don't see it.

Rating 1 /10 (Only because he was Scarface and I'm afraid of him)

Thanks for stopping by!  More to follow.