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August 10, 2008


This is my first ever blog, so bear with me. I'm pretty good at rambling, so this should come naturally.

So after a turmultous beginning (Hot-headed 17 year-old son - biker dad) we ended up drivng back home to drop said 17 year-old off at home and started of down the road. It took a couple of miles before Brenni (my lovely wife) and I started talking again. Thank God for all the love, tolerance and understanding she gives me.

So we get to Omaha, and she's all nervous about missing the exit, so the conversation went something like this:

Brenni: "Which exit do I take"

Chadder: "Exit 449"

Brenni: "what exit is this?"

Chadder: "421"

Brenni: "What exit is this?"

Chadder: "422"

And so on...until exit 449. Then she asks,"which way do I go of the exit?"

I say,"right"

"I know I go right off the ramp! which way do i go then!?"

Calmly I say,"right"


We get to the motel, went to eat at a Mongolian Buffet, which was awesome! It's called Huhot's. It's a chain, check it out.

The zoo opens at 8:30, so we set the alarm for 7:00. I was up at 6:30 and in the shower before any one else was up. Can you say "excited"? (this gave me time to take my new profile picture in the motel mirror)

Enjoyed the zoo and the IMAX theater. Got to see everything before they closed at 5:00 (Why?) As soon as I figure out how to edit and upload video, I'll upload some of the funnier moments.

We hit he road on the way home in our 1995 Jeep, with 170,000 miles on it, which ran great all the way there and almost all the way back.  We were exiting the interstate, embarking on the last leg of our trip, and half way down the on-ramp, the Jeep dies. SHIT! WTF? It was like it wasn't getting fuel. The gas gauge read almost a quarter of a tank, and the trip computer said we had 13 miles to go, but nothing. THEN the fuel gauge drops to zero, the fuel light comes on, and the trip computer says we have ZERO miles left.

Yes, my darlings, we ran out of gas. Could have been worse. Easy fix. Not cheap...16 dollars for a gas can; 17 dollars to fill it. The good part is, an off-duty paramedic (so he says) stopped to help my wife (cody and I were already walking) and came back to pick us up, saving me from a 4 mile (one way) walk. And if you can't tell from my new pic, I'm in no shape to exercise!

So after pouring half the gas down the side of the jeep, the rest in the tank, it started and ran much better!

Finally got home, patched things up with my oldest boy, took off my shoes, kicked back, checked e-mail, checked FOD newsfeed, got a good nights sleep in my own bed with my beautiful wife!

thanks for encouraging my condition!


"I look around and think,

somewhere there's a carnival running itself..."