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January 04, 2018

The week we learned President Trump calls his penis his "nuclear button." Because it's a flat red stump?

1) Those are BIGLY numbers

2) Resetting the OSH(illary)A counter

3) But what did he think of Pitchfork’s year-end list

4) Showed the economy where they have some nice furniture

5) Jersey Shore = Educational Television

6) Twitter is a harsh environment

7) Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the USS Callister

8) I always black out so I don’t know for sure

9) A doggone shame

10) First step in recovery - admitting you have a problem

11) TBF this applies to everyone on Twitter

12) “I inspected every plane myself”

13) “It’s only my fault if it’s something good”

14) Who says 5:00 o'clock???

15) Also because it’s a flat red stump