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September 29, 2009


an excerpt:

The 11 Most Annoying Everyday Devices of Modern Civilization
 By Chris Weiss <http://gadgetcrave.com/author/chris-weiss/

Here at GadgetCrave, we spend a lot of time featuring cool new gadgets
designed to make your life a little more convenient and entertaining.
Not all gadgets provide an improvement, however. Many gadgets serve to
anger and annoy their users and others around them more than they
actually provide any positive function.

 Number Four: The Self-Flush Toilet

"In theory, the self-flush toilet is a great idea. In fact, its close
cousin the self-flush urinal works pretty well–no more having to worry
about the last guy’s spray doing a reverse pike onto your chinos. The
self-flush toilet could be equally effective, if it weren’t for its one
regrettable quality of trigger-happiness. Just a small readjust on the
seat and the roaring flush is soon to follow. The combination of
powerful, public-toilet flush and unprotected, dangling cheeks has a way
of sending droplets of filthy public toilet water straight up your
cavity. And one drop of water from your local public stall is enough to
ruin any device and give it a place on any worst-of list."

 Number Nine: The Car Alarm

"At this point, everyone is so numb to the sound of a car alarms that
they really serve no purpose at all. Honestly, the last time a car alarm
went off, did you dutifully run outside to see if you could ID the perp
or did you sit still, silently vowing to destroy the car owner’s life
one small piece at a time?  Any kind of professional car thief–you know,
the guys that inspire one to get an alarm system to begin with–should be
savvy enough to disable the alarm and make off with the car–it’s what
they do. So all the alarm really does is destroy the nerves of every
innocent bystander unfortunate enough to be nearby."

"Alright, as with any list, some readers are just waiting to get to the
comments section to lambast us for missing something that you were
waiting for.  There’s always something missing from any Top 10 list,
which is why we’ve made this a Top 11—we’ve saved the last slot for you.
Go ahead, fire off some devices/technologies/inventions that annoy the
crap out of you every day and show us something we may have missed."

      to read the whole article by Chris Weiss,  see the above link.

Now for YOUR most annoying everyday devices: