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August 14, 2008


11:26 am - signs of the apocalypse
1.Paris Hilton makes sense while being funny.Paris running the president.

2.John Mc Cain ranting and raving about tire pressure gauges.Let's just chip and take to the SPCA to be put to sleep.Shit,every time he talks he puts me to sleep.I couldn't take four years of this babbling idiot being president.Is it enough that we already 8 years of another blabbering idiot G.W.Bush?And,nobody elected that asshole.It's enough to make you want to vote for Paris Hilton or Glen Benton.

3.Judas Priest made a 2 Cd set of a concept album about Nostradamus.Rob Halford said it first.But,it was MTV2 headbanger's ball so I know nobody it watches that or even knows that's on.

4.I recently started hearing REM's It's the end of the World as we know and I feel fine playing constantly in my head

5.I thought I saw a clip of Miley Cryus the anti-christ winning the Teen '08 music awards and thanking "big daddy jesus".Or,was that a dream? Like Al gore in the presidency in 2000. Ain't the book of Relevations based on a dream that John in prison before he got executed?Chime on in with your responses.