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Published February 23, 2010
( Please don’t forget to highlight the type if you can’t see it when you click ‘full post’. )FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE NEW DEVO SONG, “FRESH” PLEASE GO TO.:’S PRETTY FUCKING COOL !!!  ( Also, check out the rest of their vast and newly-redesigned site while you’re there.  It’s pretty entertaining. )  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  DEVO  WAS , IN FACT ON The OLYMPICS LAST NIGHT !!! :  AT 2 am, MY TIME (EDT) !!!That’s 11 pm PACIFIC TIME !!!  And, conveniently enough, they didn’t fucking tell us that until TODAY !!!  All I can hope, now, is that they may show it again on the night of the closing ceremonies.   I’m glad I watched the whole fucking show, from 8 pm until 11 am.  Those bastards !!!  And could somebody please tell me what the fuck the deal is with the costumes on the figure-skaters?  Since when do males, gay or not, DRAW shit on their faces before international sporting events which are intended to have a modicum of decorum?  Jesus Christ !  I felt like I was watching a Missing Persons video for four hours.’ll reiterate, just on principle, and on my juvenile worship of ’80s bands, FUCK The OLYMPICS!!!   And NBC®, The Peacock Network™, can suck pee from my cock !!!  “ WE MUST REPEAT ! ”