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December 03, 2009


I remember when they was a rivalry against Alice Cooper fans and KISS Fans in the 70’s that led to fistfights. Cooper was first and original and a creative genuis while KISS was and still is poser sell-out pond scum. I got into KISS from some chick who was 13 when I was 10. Her family was the first on the block to have cable. KISS dressed up in Yankee uniforms.I said, who the fuck are these guys? They are KISS! You never heard of them. So,I spend about in her bedrooms listening to KISS albums and making out. That’s how I became a KISS fan.Plus,KISS was shoved down our throats in the 70’s. But,Alice Cooper was and still always gonna be the man. And,Oh God, anybody remember the Howard the Duck issue where Howard was a pysch ward or mental institution. And there was a girl who had magical powers who could conjure up KISS. And the Rev. Jun Moon Yuc was trying to control her. A character Rev. Jun Moon Yuc and his Yuccies which was a parody of the Moonies;who was trying to harness the power of KISS. What can I say. The 70’s was a wacky time to grow up in.Does anybody remember that? Or, did I dreamt the whole thing? Plus,Anyone remembers the Incredible Hulk episode where McKenzie Phillips played the female version of KISS or at least Ace Frehley and was gonna get electrocuted until the Hulk smashed the towers and carried McKenzie to safety. I think. Come on folks, we’re talking about 30 years ago. All the drinking and drugs I’ve done; ...I’m lucky if I remember last Tuesday. But,the camel that broke the straw's back was the solo albums.I felt so depressed when the KISS Solo albums sucked so bad. I bought all 4 albums. For what? Back in the New York groove? I wished i could have slashed my wrists on the edges of those 4 solo albums. In an attempt to put something original and creative on those albums. Like my blood. I might write a short story about KISS misadventures. If I hadn't already.