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December 10, 2009


Amazing how few fonts they let you use on the internet, how about some Futura people:)

Well I must say that after our first official day with material we have gotten more than 300 views and no die votes.  We're batting 1000 which will probably last a few more hours so thank you to the Funny or Die gods.  It was fun being perfect for a day.  We are inspired to make some more "Cute Things Exploding" and hopefully we will have some new series for you in the coming months.  

SHORTY LONGBACK is a friend of the channel and so we uploaded his first kind of humorous video for you to peruse and now that it's in HD you can actually see the mouth on his right index finger:)  That is just creepy.. although only slightly more then the mini him that jumps around a bit during the vid.

WELL once again, thank you for the support and the views and we hope to entertain you for years to come.. or at least until we get tired of uploading stuff and move on to our greatest passion... Edible Christmas Table decorations... and seamonkeys.

The Future is None