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August 03, 2015

The new signal women are using to show men when they want sex..

Women’s Secret Sex Signal

By King Christopher

Since women now dominate the work force and make more money. Where does that leave men? Broke and still horny…so is it that bad if women learn to just pay up? Someone has to pay at some point, for the situation to work but when it comes to money women have made everything too one sided. A simple solution that can help men and women.

Money Honey:
It should be a universal signal for a woman to give a man she wants a $100 bill. This way the guy knows what to do without guessing or ruining things by talking too much.

It would help clear up a lot of confusion people go through when pursing each other. For example; at the end of a date if a woman gives the man a $1 bill then she’s NOT interested. But if she puts down a $100 bill on the table, then she’s telling you she’s interested.

Men are working a lot harder but getting less of what they want from women such as sex and attention. But if men got paid somehow, then they would probably end up doing more than what $100 can buy..