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June 10, 2010


If anyone can rock the Hitler Stache it’s Jordan.

Six championships. Two Gold Medals. Multi-million dollar endorsements. Worldwide appeal. Let Jordan bring back the Hitler. Let him rock it. Let him change it.

This is his true calling.

And we can’t call it the Hitler Stache anymore. We must call it the Jordan Stache. Hitler was an evil incarnate history wishes it could forget.

No one wants to forget Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan is a master of badass. Period. Put aside the baseball years, but understand them, and realize that if there is one person who can take back the ‘shortened narrow stache that runs under the nose and to the top of the lip’ look -- it is the great Michael Jordan.

Ten Scoring Titles.
Ten-Time NBA First Team.
Six Finals MVPs.

Hitler should no longer hold precedence over man’s facial hair any more than Benito Mussolini’s grimace should hold precedence over our cheekbones and eyebrows.

Let Jordan change the way we think about that patch of skin between our nose and lips the same way he changed our vision of basketball.

Do not judge him.

And do not deny him, Charles Barkley, of taking this next step into his fabled game-changing history. After all, it’s not Jordan's fault Horace Grant blocked Kevin Johnson at the end of game six.

(via Jason Sereno)