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August 12, 2015

The Olsen Twins appear to have overworked their intern, but in their minds they were just working with a pair of part-time twin sisters.

Recently, one of our former interns, Shahista Lalani, filed a class-action lawsuit against our company, Dualstar Entertainment Group, based on the claim that she worked over 50 hours a week without receiving the legal wages of a full-time employee. We want to set the record straight right now. The only reason Shahista worked the long hours that she did was because we assumed she was a pair of identical twins evenly dividing their time on the job.

Let us explain. All our lives, us Olsen twins have always split our work completely down the middle. We’re even cowriting this statement (Ashley is behind the keyboard right now FYI). Back in the ’90s, when the two of us acted on the popular ABC sitcom Full House, we shared the role of Michelle Tanner and split up our time on set equally. This was also true of our young friends Dylan and Cole Sprouse who shared their time on the set of Friends playing the role of Ross’ son, Ben. It was true of practically all our friends growing up. All our friends were twins. One of the only non-twins we encountered on a regular basis was our sister, Elizabeth. And in the Olsen household, she was the unusual one.

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Had Michelle been played by a single actor, ABC would have violated child labor laws…and gotten in big twouble, mister!

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Wouldn’t a pair of twins working as design interns respond to two separate names?” (This is Mary-Kate typing right now BTW). Again, that simply doesn’t match up to our experience as young twins in the workforce. On the set of Full House, Bob Saget and John Stamos never referred to the two of us as “Mary-Kate” or “Ashley.” Instead, they just referred to us both as “Michelle” and allowed the cast and crew to think of us as one conscious being who occupied two physical bodies. That was just the professional etiquette of the time. Unfortunately, times have clearly changed.

Obviously, we want to apologize to Shahista. Had we know that she was a singular individual, we never would have assigned her the work of multiple interns (Ashley at the mic again — holler!). Shahista, we realize now that the reason you were often tired and haggard at work was not because you were a pair of irresponsible twin sisters, but in fact, you were a single working student stressed beyond your limits. From the bottom of both our hearts, we sincerely apologize.