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April 10, 2013

Disney subliminal messages that will make your inner child laugh... and cry.

Disney is notorious for subtly sneaking in sexual innuendo and risque messages into their movies. However, sometimes they aren’t as subliminal as they may think. After seeing these 9 Outrageous Disney FAIL pictures, my inner child was laughing… and crying at the same time.

1. Donald Duck’s raging hard… blanket

I am trying my hardest (no pun intended) to put myself in the shoes of the animators… and for the life of me I can’t imagine what he was actually drawing here, if not a monster bone-bone.


2. Jaq and Gus discover anal beads…

You all remember that part in Cinderella right? When the two best-mouse-friends Jaq and Gus become sexually experimental? No… Just me?

3. The Jungle Boof…

An elephant truly never forgets… No matter how hard it tries.

4. Donald Hitler-Duck…

What. What. What in the living f**k were they thinking on this one? I can’t even.

5. The good ol’ “Don’t put your wee-wee in here” Doll…

First of all, what kind of toy is called, “Sing-a-ma-Jigs”? There are so many places to go on this one, I think I’ll just move on, and let your imagination do the work.

6. Um, Minnie, you’re wearing a Johnson…

I don’t know if this says more about Minnie, or more about Mickey. Hmm.

7. The Infamous Happy Priest from The Little Mermaid

After all the hoopla surrounding the Priest’s bouncing member, Disney actually redrew the scene and released the film again for purchase. Now… I have no reason to watch the movie.

8. Turtles love chipmunks…

I…just… uh… yeah, there’s nothing sexual about what’s going on. At. All.

9. Donald ride = Not safe for kids…

Pretty sure this ride should have a warning label. And pretty sure the designer of the ride should be fired… and arrested.