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July 01, 2008


Joe Didn’t Sell on Ebay- Venom Continues

Jim McPartland


Joe Enjoys Tongue

 Kissy, Kissy

I would have thought he’d heed my warning of straightening out his act. If not mine, there’s a new website set up called www.liebermanmustgo.com to give him a bigger hint. But, no. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) continues to bang to the beat of a different drummer. Not the calypso on vacation kind. More like a pagan ritual where a virgin is sacrificed. Slow. Eerie. Spooky. Definitely not good.

You should read my ‘Lieberman for Sale on Ebay—“blog for the background that I’m not repeating. Suffice to say, Joe has had an epiphany that was directly approved by Karl Rove.

Today’s top political story in my paper is ‘Lieberman: Terrorists may Strike in 2009’. He asserted that terrorists may well strike the U.S. ‘early in the next presidency’. The White House Secretary and McCain’s Campaign Advisor Charlie Black have agreed. This is why the former Democrat and current certifiable lunatic is supporting McCain because ‘he’ll be ready to be commander and chief day 1’.

Yet, while during this ‘Face the Nation’ interview, Joe said Black had ‘misspoken’ if it was inferring that McCain would be helped if a terrorist attack happens. If you follow the polls, McCain is down to that one Ace- terrorism. He’s so far behind on every other issue, it’s laughable.

So, to keep this thing competitive, Joe and Co. are playing against one of the basic human conditions: Fear.

God knows they can’t play on other basic necessities- hunger, health, spreading the wealth. They’re just not that good at that stuff.

But fear? They’re pros, baby.

So much so that Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA’s Osama bin Laden unit, said Joe and his compatriots are ‘playing politics and scare mongering’. Mr. Scheuer went on to say ‘al-Qaida (I hate enemies with no ‘U’s after Q’s- don’t you? I know Microsoft does) doesn’t attack on a specific date or anniversary. My anniversary and birthday has past- so if it happens before April next year, it’s YOUR fault. Unless it’s your Mother-In-Laws birthday. If that’s sometime in January, it’s her fault. But you weren’t her friend anyway, were you? Blame something other than your bad relationship with your wife. Not global strife.

Al-Qaida (where’s my U?) is in a covert operation, so the commander of each unit takes his orders of massacre, but determines on his own when to carry them out. No 9/11 significance. Not at your early lunch hour. They just strike. No biblical ‘on the1rst day God created’ stuff’ and ‘al-Qaida struck on Day 3 after Adam screwed up—‘

Scheuer (has a U) went on to say al-Qaida (damn those Q’s with no U’s!) is ‘not interested in sending messages or testing the next administration (they do like AIM, thought. Oops, though that was ‘texting’)-but would rather ‘inflict the ultimate damage on the U.S.’

Lieberman said ‘If you take the troops out, no matter what's happening, we’re in real trouble’.

So now I’ll editorialize.

Sometime in September, Bush will say Iran is out of control. Like Saddam was. Could kill all of us. Like Saddam wanted to- but couldn’t.

Guys, if these knuckleheads like Lieberman get us going against Iran- like the pitiful way we’re going against Iraq- and now Afghanistan- we’re all in deep doo doo. You-me- your kids-- their kids. Try not to think of the $12,000,000,000 we’re spending a month.

Think about your kids- and theirs- and your friends and neighbors kids who, not only have to pay for this American Express Card to Nowhere—they may die.

Can we get a grip?